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We pride ourselves on being not just one of the largest drug and alcohol testing consortiums but more importantly the most simple and straight forward solution to regulatory compliance.

We are opening opportunities for growth minded companies in every industry that has an interest in the transportation industry. This could be Trucking and logistics, aviation, transit, and every product or service pertaining to any of these businesses.


  • Social Media: We will be promoting your brand to our social media platforms. (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn)
  • Email List: Get your brand visible on our Email List of around 8000+ subscribers on our Newsletters.
  • Website: We will have a ‘Channel Partners’ section on our website where your brand will be visible 24/7.
  • Audio Recording:  If you have podcasts and more, we could feature it also on our promotional streams. We will provide you with Labworks USA audio tags and commercials.
  • Traditional Promotion via mailbox: Printed material supplied by you that we will mail out to our 4,000 companies (9,000 drivers) in the new member, renewal membership kits and random selections with approximately 2,500 packages each quarter.
  • Just take note that since this will be a cross promotion, we would like to receive the same promotions on your end . No Monetary expense on both parties.

This is a direct referral program.

Here is the process:

  • We will give you a REFERRAL LINK or a landing page URL to send your referrals. You just need to make sure that they input your name as the referrer.
  • They will then be redirected to our main SIGN UP PAGE and we will track if they SUCCESSFULLY sign up with Labworks USA.
  • Once they have signed up and paid the membership fee, you will receive a $10.00 referral bonus. This can be sent to you as a check or direct deposited in your accout.
  • We will promote your business through ALL that is stated on Package 1
  • PLUS: We are willing to offer $10 referral Fee for every successful registrations on our:
    • Company Annual Registration (priced at $49.95)
    • Supervisor Training Certificate Course (at $55.00)
  • With that, we are also expecting to receive monetary benefits for every successful registrations to your company as a result of Labworks’ marketing effort promoting your brand. We can talk more about the referral fee that you could offer.
If you have a WEBSITE, we have a BONUS for you that usually costs $320 per month if managed personally but will be ALL FOR FREE when you become our partner.
  • FREE leads funnel setup personalized for your website.
  • Google Spreadsheet where all new leads will be added AUTOMATICALLY.
  • Email Notification: Whenever there are new leads added, rest assured that you will receive an email notification.
  • Take note that we need to collaborate with your web developer on setting up the sub-url for the personalized and brander leads funnel.
  • Your Company should not be a direct competitor of Labworks USA. We are a DOT Consortium.
  • As a Channel Partner, you should have marketing streams as stated on 'Package 1'. Either a Website, Social Media Platforms, or Email list. If you have local/traditional promotions, that would also be great.
  • You should have a customer pool who are mainly in the Trucking Industry. We also consider customers who are but not limited to:
    • Professional truck drivers
    • Commercial pilots
    • Flight instructors and Mechanics (safety sensitive positions in aviation)
    • Train conductors and MOW workers (safety sensitive positions in TRA)
    •  Bus drivers – 16 or more passengers including the driver 

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